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Quantum Cheats Private - Month Key

Quantum Cheats Private - Month Key

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From its public version Quantum Cheats We present to you: Quantum Cheats Private
Private is a cheat made by the same developer as QC; Private version was made by him for the customers that want to get exclusivity, when getting invited to the private version you'll be given a discord invite where the 2 Main developers of the cheats are included, you're gonna be able to chat with more private buyers, report bugs, suggest features directly to the developer and plenty of more things.
The developer does updates around 4 times a week, to update features, to add features... to add time for compensation, etc.
But what's really worth it about Private?
Inside private, plenty of more features are included, these ones include:
  • Heli Magic - Hit all your shots on the attack helicopter
  • Magic Bullet - Or called DESYNC, You can hit people behind a wall or inside bases.
  • Simulate Angles - Desync can only go left or right, with simulate angles it simulates from any angle, up, down, right corner, flying, etc.
  • Instant Kill - Instantly kills with 3 - 6 bullets any enemy with desync
  • Reflect - Reflects off water to hit people behind an iceberg
  • STW - Shoot through walls, with a ladder you can hit anyone inside a fully sealed base, yes, fully sealed.
  • Auto Farmbot Ore - Artificial Intelligence will literally drive your character to the closest ores so it can farm them
  • Auto Walk To Marker - Same with farmbot ore, it's going to drive you to the marker on the map.
  • Auto Loot - Will instantly or with a delay loot everything inside a box, WHEN I SAY INSTANTLY it's INSTANTLY
  • Name Spoofer - Will spoof your name to any name you want.
  • AI Auto Farm - Will auto farm for you by itself, no need to touch anything.
  • Next-Level Behind-Wall Manipulation - If you're a rage cheater, this will come in handy, from shooting through 2 armoured door hatches, to shooting through the tightest gaps.
Many other options that I probably forgot, the cheat is updating almost daily to add more features.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
qcp got me right

i was a very sad person until qcp made me a beamer now i have manip and can kill people from 1k meters away

best private cheat

+rep filled with features, best private cheat out there